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Cluster Ville Durable


High level training

Université Paris-Est (UPE) was created on March 21st, 2007 as a higher education and research federal organisation and groups together a community of 22 institutions with highly diverse missions under the supervision of different government ministries. It builds close links between research and general, technical and professional learning, underpinning a multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge university that can compete on the international stage with strong links between research, life-long training, expertise and knowledge transfer. It works with both public and private sectors.

Also, 8 higher education institutions (most of them UPE’s members) are located at the Cité Descartes, anchor point of D-Cube Paris cluster:

Université Paris Est

Student activities

About twenty associations are dedicated to the cultural and sportive animation of our territory.

Discover the activities and contacts of the student associations from ENPC, ESIEE. and UPEM.

  • UPEM
  • ESIEE Paris
  • Ecole des Ponts PARISTECH
  • EAV&T
  • ENSG Géomatique