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Cluster Ville Durable


LabEx – centres of excellence

Objective: provide support for all research teams in a specific scientific area and act as a driving force for masters and doctoral courses.

  • Bézout, discrete and continuous models and algorithms
  • Urban Futures: Laboratory which federates 13 interdisciplinary research teams to deal with the adaptation of the city in general (arrangement, architecture, transport and environment).
  • MMCD (Multi-scale modelling and experimentation with materials for sustainable construction) and its extension Advanced Materials designed to build and promote a “materials” scientific community within UPE.
  • SITES (Sciences, innovation and techniques in society)

In addition, a LabEx hosted by UPEC, VRI (Vaccine Research Institute) and 11 LabExes that include UPE stakeholders: BIOPSY, CELYA, ESEP, IBEID, IEC, L-IPSL, OSE, OSUG@2020, PRIMES, REVIVE, SERENADE


Sense-City’s equipex : Hosted by the IFSTTAR, it is an unique excellent equipment in Europe. Sense-City will represent a mini-city. It is about a climatic hall of 400m2 mobile and reconfigurable capable of welcoming realistic models of the main components of the city, such as buildings, infrastructures or / and distribution networks. Objective: Design, prototype and validate urban nano-captors: a mini-city in a climatic chamber intended to recreate an environment that closely resembles an urban habitat and validate the concept.5 projects that include UPE stakeholders: NANOIMAGESX, NANOID, IVTV, GEOSUD, RESIF-CORE.

Research units of the territory

  • ACP : Analysis compared of the powers
  • AME/DEST : Department economy and sociology of transport
  • AME/SPLOTT : Productive systems, logistics, organization of transport and work
  • AUSser : UMR Urbanistic architecture Company: knowledges, education, research ( 4 teams)
  • CEREA : Center of education and research in atmospheric environment
  • CERMICS : Center of education and search in mathematics and scientific calculation
  • COSYS/GRETTIA : Engineering of the ground transport networks and advanced computing
  • COSYS/LEPSIS : Laboratory of exploitation, perception, simulators and simulations
  • COSYS/LISIS : Laboratory instrumentation, simulation and scientific computing
  • CSTB : Programs from CSTB
  • DICEN IdF : Device of information and communication in the digital era
  • ERUDITE : Research team on the use of the temporal individual data in economy
  • ESYCOM :Electronics, systems of communication and microsystems
  • FCBA : Programs from FCBA
  • GERS/SRO :Grounds Rocks and Geotechnical Works
  • GERS/SV : Earthquakes and vibrations
  • IRG : Research institute in management
  • LAMA : Analysis laboratory and of applied mathematics
  • LATTS : Laboratory techniques, territories, societies
  • LEESU : Laboratory water, environment and system urban
  • LGE : Laboratory geo-materials and environment
  • LIGM : Laboratory of computing Gaspard-Monge
  • LIPHAPE :Interdisciplinary laboratory of Study of Politic-Institut Hannah Arendt of Paris-Est
  • LISAA :Literatures, knowledge and arts
  • LISIS : Interdisciplinary laboratory Sciences, Innovations, Societies
  • LRMH : LRMH team
  • LVMT : Laboratory of City Mobility and Transports
  • MAST/CPDM : Physico-chemical behavior and Durability of Materials
  • MAST/EMMS : Experiment and modelling of materials and structures
  • MAST/FM2D : Formulation, microstructure, modelling and durability of materials cimentaires
  • MAST/SDOA : Safety and Durability of Works of engineering
  • MSME : Laboratory of modelling and simulation multi-scale
  • NAVIER : The led researches concern the mechanics and the physics of materials and structures, geo-materials and their applications in the geotechnics, in the civil engineering, in the geophysics and in the oil exploitation.