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Moïse MITTERRAND, Chairman of the Board of Directors – Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

Cité Descartes: a business district in the making

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs is a company promoting housing and offices that was founded 40 years ago. The company has been based in Marne-la-Vallée for the last 30 years and for three-quarters of this time has worked alongside EPAMARNE, the public development authority for the new town.

Over the past seven years, the Les Nouveaux Constructeurs has built 90,000m2 of new office space in the Noisy-le grand area of Marne-la-Vallée, on the outskirts of the Disney theme parks in the Montévrain municipality where 26,000 m 2 of office space have been built.

Les Nouveaux Constructeurs has just recently built a 9,000 m2 building, also in Montévrain. This building has become the headquarters of a large printing firm: Océ France. A second 12,000 m2 building has been leased more recently, still in Montévrain.

Marne-la-Vallée, a rich area

In the service sector, the company is in the news in Champs-sur-Marne in the centre of Cité Descartes. Les Nouveaux Constructeurs is to build 25,000 m2 of office space designed as 4 independent, divisible, high-quality buildings.

This service sector project is located 100 metres, or a minute’s walk, away from the current Noisy-Champs RER A station, one the Grand Paris Express’ future interconnection stations.

The project was designed through a close partnership with the town of Champs-sur-Marne and the public development authority EPAMARNE. The aim is to both provide excellent transport links and unparalleled quality of life at work in Île-de-France.

This project is aimed at both users of the existing 3.5 million m 2 business park as well as users in Paris or even in La Défense, which will benefit from discovering Île-de-France, in particular because of the quality of its housing, infrastructures and public facilities as well as its excellent public transport services.

Cité Descartes, a cluster for sustainable cities

Cité Descartes is a large scientific and technical cluster which has 4,000 researchers, 20,000 students and already 230 companies. Since the emergence of the Grand Paris project, the state and public development authority have given it very significant impetus particularly with the arrival of an additional 1,500 researchers in the Bienvenüe building.

Finally, the Cité Descartes area is well known for its iconic architectural objects. Les Nouveaux Constructeurs was thus given the important responsibility of building an iconic object that was also a commercial success for users of Cité Descartes.

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