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Posted on September, 6 2016

The Grand Paris Express

The Grand Paris is a development project for the whole Paris metropolitan area. It is designed to improve residents’ quality of life, address regional inequalities and build a sustainable city.

The Grand Paris aims to be the city of the future: sustainable, creative and solidarity-based. It will make the Île-de-France an attractive 21st century metropolis.

The project is supported by the State and the Ile-de-France – a region of 12 million inhabitants that accounts for almost a third of French GDP – and provides a splendid opportunity to involve all city stakeholders including developers, transport operators, public and private investors, construction companies, architects, urban planners and all Greater Paris residents.

Image gare 1

At the heart of the D-Cube Paris territory lies Noisy-Champs station and, with the Grand Paris Express project, the ambition is to modernise the existing transport network and create a new automatic metro. Noisy–Champs will be served by south lines 15, 16, 11 and RER A.

For example of what it’ll bring to the territory, in 2022, line 15 will allow passengers to halve their transport time:

  • Noisy – Champs  < > Issy RER : 33 min (versus 1 hour now)
  • Noisy – Champs  < > Vitry Centre : 18 min (versus 1 hour 10 min now)
  • Noisy – Champs  < > Bry-Villiers-Champigny : 4 min (versus 22 min now)

Architect and project manager: Duthilleul agency and Société AREP SAS (SNCF)


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